Alpine skiing and snowshoeing

Alpine skiing

The aim is to travel slowly uphill on skis to conquer a solitary peak. Cross-country skiing leads you exactly to those peaks that are normally flanked in summer. From up there you can admire the mountain ridges in the far distance. The feeling of being close to them becomes clearer when you see a rocky shape. Looking at the sea in the distance does not give you the same perception.

Cross-country skiing is not only about conquering peaks, but also being surrounded by unspoilt nature. Especially, in Val di Fiemme where the snow-covered peaks are not so crowded. And it is exactly by skiing in perfect solitude that one feels more in touch with nature.

And then after a long climb helped by synthetic seal skins, going downhill is even more intense and liberating. Each trail leaves a cloud of powdery-snow behind.

Discipline requires not only skill and physical fitness, but also knowledge of the mountain environment, climate and snow pack. The Alpine skiing routes of the Val di Fiemme differ in length and difficulty. The less experienced can explore them using the services of an alpine guide.


Snowshoeing in complete freedom

The mountain is magical and can be extremely emotional even for those who do not wear skis. But to walk and have fun in the snow, you need a little help, and this time you need to wear snowshoes.

Silence in the snow will accompany you while you admire the majesty of nature. There are many routes you can go on alone if you are experienced, or be part of a guided group.

There is something we can definitely guarantee, it will be an adventure that will take your breath away, especially when you get to the top and you feel like you are almost touching the sky.

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