Sella Ronda
Passo Pordoi, Passo Campolongo, Passo Gardena and Passo Sella: four passes of the Dolomites in one day – do we need to say much more about this tour?

The tour information
Panchià, a true Dolomite classic at 1000 meters above the sea level, is our starting point. We take the bike path uphill in the direction of Canazei and reach it after 30 kilometers and 500 meters of altitude difference. Here we turn onto the road which leads for the first 6 kilometers both to the Passo Pordoi and to the Passo Sella. A good hundred of hairpin bends lie ahead of us and as we work our way up, we can admire the giants of the Dolomites lining the way.
After several kilometers and around 800 meters of altitude difference we reach the Passo of Pordoi at 2242 meters above the sea level.
Here we need to take a break, catch some breath and while admiring the spectacular panorama we give a look at the bronze statue of Fausto Coppi, Italy’s most famous racing cyclist and champion, who wrote the history of cycling in these mountains. We can also see the bike of the local champion Gilberto Simoni, who celebrated here on the Passo Pordoi in 2001 a partial victory to win later for the first time the Giro d’Italia.
After absorbing all these impressions, we dive towards Arabba entering the Veneto region. We roll 10 kilometers downhill before we start to climb again in the direction of the Passo Campolongo at 1.875 meters above the sea level. The ascent is shorter this time, nevertheless arduous.
With the monumental landscape of the Puez Odle wildlife park in the background, we plunge downhill in the direction of the Corvara. Now we have to face the third ascent. The road up to the Passo Gardena is 9 kilometer long and is rising constantly.
To reach the last mountain pass of this tour, the Passo Sella, is a real suffering after having so many kilometers and three other passes in the legs. We need to keep focused on this road, because we will need all our remaining strength and determination to work our way up to the pass  2244 meters above the sea level.
However, when we reach the Passo Sella, it gives us the satisfaction of having completed the Sellaronda tour and now we can relax and plunge for about 12 kilometers towards Canazei, from where we take the easy bike path to get back to the hotel.

Distance:112,0 km   Height variation:2350 mt  Riding time:7:00 h Difficulty: expert

Passo Pordoi :
Distance:13,0 km   Height variation: 800 mt  Max.gradient: 9%  Average gradient: 6%

Passo Campolongo :
Distance:4,3  km   Height variation:270mt  Max.gradient: 8%  Average gradient: 6%

Passo Gardena
Distance:9,5 km   Height variation:600  mt  Max.gradient: 10%  Average gradient: 6%

Passo Sella
Distance:5,4 km   Height variation:380  mt  Max.gradient: 11%  Average gradient: 7%

Distance:112,0 km Height variation:2350 mt Dauer 7:00 h Difficulty: expert

Passo Pordoi
Distance:13 ,0 km Height variation: 800 mt Max.gradient: 9% Average gradient 6%

Passo Campolongo
Distance:4,3 km Height variation:270mt Max.gradient: 8% Average gradient 6%

Passo Gardena
Distance:9,5 km Height variation:600 mt Max.gradient: 10% Average gradient 6%

Passo Sella
Distance:5,4 km Height variation:380 mt
Max.gradient: 11% Average gradient 7%



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