Tour of the lake Cece


The tour to the Cece Lake is challenging and leads mostly through the so-called “sounding forest”. This is a redwood forest that has come to its name, because the wood that is won here, is perfect for building musical instruments.


The tour information:

Our starting point is the Hotel and after 100 meters going downhill we turn on a gravel road that leads to the Molina di Fiemme. Once arrived at the church, we turn right and continue straight on. We pass the Avisio bridge, and turn left towards Sadole at the roundabout. Here begins the long climb, which is still easy to manage on the first 500 meters, but in the hamlet of Bosin is only to be managed by switching to the low gears. Once passing the last houses of the village, the still paved road leads into a dense fir forest.Be careful not to miss the sign “Cascatelle – Maso Pausa” (Waterfalls – Pause Inn) and the forest trail, as this is exactly the direction we have to take. The good news is: here the ascent is less noticeable and the path leads into a forest trail, which we follow for about two kilometers. Close to the bridge we can admire the small waterfall making ist way through the idyllic forest. We continue on the forest trail, which goes uphill until we reach a signpost pointing to the right to the cottage”Baita Monte Cauriol” and to the left the road to Predazzo. We leave the forest trail and turn left on a narrow path where the vegetation becomes more dense. After crossing a small wooden bridge we have to proceed walking a very steep ascent for several meters. Once we have passed this road, we reach a wider and less steep forest road that leads us to the crossroads with the paved road connecting the Predazzo to theValmaggiore. We turn left here and follow the signs for path nr. 231 (Valmaggiore ‑ the lake Cece), first to the Valmaggiore hut and then to the lake.

From here we proceed only downhill, on a beautiful descent through the pine forests that leads to the Predazzo and from there over the bike path back to the hotel.

Distance: 34,60 km Height variation: 1000 mt Riding time:4:00 h Difficulty:difficult



Distance 34,6 km
Height variation 1000 m
Difficulty Difficult
Durata 4:00 h


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