The Fiemme Valley has much to offer to fishing lovers, satisfying all their tastes.
Thanks to the numerous types of water present in this area, the fisherman can have fun with various fishing techniques.
The fish in the magnificent waters of the Fiemme Valley are:

  • The Marble trout (safeguarded by project Marmorata) that has a marbled or striped design with more or less marked shades depending on water conditions and environment in which it lives. The dorsal fin is very backward and the teeth of the plowshare are placed in a single row.
  • The Brown trout that can present a variety of types, but the most recognizable sign is the presence of more or less dense red and black dots that never meet. Besides, its head is smaller than that of the Marble trout, the body is more squat and the teeth are arranged in two rows in the plowshare.
  • The hybrids of the Brown trout and the Marble one are, instead, featured by intermediate morphology and patterning of the two species.
  • The Arctic char has some unmistakable signs of recognition – the ventral, pectoral, and anal fins with the frond edge of bright white color; the olive green back with lighter patches (in various species of trouts, the patches are darker); and finally, it is recognizable by the fact that during the breeding season, the male has all the lower fins and belly of blood red color.


In our valleys, the fishing season in the Avisio and Travignolo rivers opens in early March. In the tributaries, instead, about two months later, in early May. In the lakes it begins even later, since it opens at the beginning of summer with fixed frequency in early June.

Finally, as regards the artificial basins of Stramentizzo and Fortebuso, fishing is allowed for a time defined from year to year, during the spring period.

The closure is at the end of September, with the variation for Scardola and Cavedano, where, in the Stramentizzo basin, the season is prolonged until the end of November.

Fee for one-day guest permission:

  • In Avisio, in the Alpine streams and lakes – € 18
  • In the basin of Stramentizzo and in Lake Fortebuso – € 14

A total of allowed daily catches is 5, of which 1 Marble trout and one Hybrid of the Marble trout.


  • Lavazè Pass: natural pond
    Tel 0462.230447 / 341367
    Open every day from 9:00 to 18:30.
  • Masi di Cavalese: Fish farming Delmarco
    Tel 0462.340367
    Open daily 9:00 – 12:00 / 15:00 – 20:00

For further information on the purchase of permits, on the Regulation and on the fishing grounds, call the hotel and ask for more information.



The Fiemme Valley is ideal also for mushroom lovers who can walk peacefully in the enchanted woods and experience great emotions in search of porcini, chanterelle and other varieties of mushrooms.
For gathering, you must have the permission, the cost of which varies according to the day of use. The collection of wild mushrooms is permitted in all days of the week for a quantity not exceeding 2 kg. per day and per person aged over 10 years; children under 10 years can gather mushrooms only if accompanied by a family member.

The limit of 2 kg. does not work when one mushroom exceeds this weight.

It is forbidden to gather mushrooms from 19.00 to 7.00

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