Cross-country skiing in the woods of the Fiemme Valley

In the heart of the Fiemme Valley, surrounded by the Dolomite peaks, Heritage of Humanity, you will find perfectly groomed tracks and will be able to ski along 150 km in the two cross-country centers of Lago and Lavazè.

The cross-country center Lavazè Pass-Oclini is one of the most scenic areas. It is situated at the height of 1800-2150 m and it is open from December to April, with the slopes always in perfect conditions, thanks to the artificial snow.

The cross-country center Lago di Tesero, that with its first-class infrastructure has hosted the World Cup and various World Cup tests, in addition to the snow-cannon for the production of artificial snow, is equipped with lighting system and offers the possibility of skiing at night.

Besides, from December to March, the Marcialonga track is accessible, and it runs along the valley bottom, from Predazzo to Molina di Fiemme.

Lavazè Pass

The sunlit area, with its incomparable panorama and 80 km of tracks that lead through the woods and meadows, attracts many cross-country skiers and hikers. On this plateau, it is not unusual to meet national and international athletes training.

Naturally, facilities are not missing: ski school, waxing room, changing rooms with showers, area for award ceremonies, SOS station with radio-telephone, rental of skis, shoes and poles, snow shoes, clothing, car park, hotel, bar, restaurant.

For entertainment, and also to improve the technique and balance, the Skicrosspark offers 500 m of track with curves, waves, and continuous slopes, while fro children there is the Baby Cross.

Some winter trails in the woods of Lavazè, like the beautiful 4,5 km track to the Auer Leger hut, or the 3 km tour of “Capiol”, can be covered with snow shoes and Nordic Walking poles.

Lavazè is also an important center of ski-orienting – in fact, various races of the World Cup and the Alps Cup have been held here.

Cross-country center of Lake Tesero

The location of the Nordic Ski World Championship,with its 18 km of perfectly groomed tracks, offers the best for cross-country skiing, both for classic technique and for the skating one. It is equipped with: car park, showers, cabins, ski school, bar, restaurant, skiing and skating rental. Next winter, a new Laser-biathlon center will also open.

The stadium is crossed by the famous Marcialonga track – the most important Nordic skiing race in Italy – and it has a lighting system that allows for skiing at night.

The use of the track is free.

Marcialonga track

The Marcialonga track runs along the valley bottom and through some towns of the two valleys. The length of the route depends mostly on the weather and snow conditions.

The Fiemme Valley has been the birthplace of various champions, like Franco Nones, Bice and Giorgio Vanzetta, Giulio and Federico Deflorian, Antonella Confortola, Cristina Paluselli and Christian Zorzi.

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